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New The Idea :

The idea of establishing Al-Ahly was aroused by Omar Lotfi who was the
Chairman of the High School Students Union. He shared the idea with Edrees Rageb
Pasha, Omar Sultan Pasha, Ismaeel Serry, Abdul El Khalek Tharwat, and Ameen
Samy. They came together with the idea to establish a club for high school
students to spend their spare time, as the Union was formed for political
reasons in the first place. They decided to establish a company with five
thousand Egyptian Pounds.

The higher administrative committee (The Board) chose Englishman Mitchel Ince as
the first president of Al-Ahly in order to influence occupation authorties to
help obtain suitable land (from the government) for establishing the club.

The first official meeting of higher administrative committee was held in April
24, 1907, in Anas' residence, as Mitchel Ince as chairman and Omar Lotfi, Edrees
Rageb Pasha, Ismaeel Serry, and Ameen Sammy as members and Mohamed Sherif as a
secretary. Ince remained president until April 2, 1908.

The name :

On February,25 1908 Ameen Samy suggested the name Ahly Athletic Club (English
translation: National Athletic Club), as it was founded to contain High School
Students who were the main pillar for the resistance against British occupation
of Egypt. So, it was founded as an Egyptian national club to unite these
students, and named Al-Ahly to represent nationalism with the literal meaning of
the word. Ahly is considered the first club founded for Egyptians in Egypt and
was established during British occupation of Egypt.


Team colours Team colours Team colours

Team colours

Team colours

Al-Ahly's original home colours

El-Ahly derived its color from the early 20th century Flag of Egypt. Story of
the color goes back to year 1911 when the jersey was linear striped in red and
white. Then, it was changed to a half red-a half white linear jersey ,until it
rests at the red color only as it was the color of the Egyptian flag in the
reign period of Abbas Helmy the second at that time.

Logo :

Al-Ahly’s logo was designed on November,3 1917 by Mohammad Sherif Sabry Bek, a
member in the club at that time and was the King Farouk uncle. The logo was
adorned with the king’s crown which was the symbol of reign in the upper part.