Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Ahmed Hassan
(born 2 May 1975, stands 178m, and weighs 70kg)[[1]] is an Egyptian football player who is currently playing as an attacking midfielder or on the right wing for R.S.C. Anderlecht in (Belgium) and the Egyptian national team.He started his professional football career at 17 with Ismaily and was 20 when he was selected for the first time to play in the Egyptian national team's friendly match against Ghana on 29 December, 1995[[2]]. After his impressive performances with the Egyptian national team in the African Cup of Nations 1998, including scoring a goal from a long range shot against South Africa in the final that helped the national team win the tournament, Hassan joined Kocaelispor from Ismaily, at the age of 22. In 2000, he was tranferred to Denizlispor. And in 2001, he joined his Egyptian international teammate Abdel Zaher El Saka when he moved to Gençlerbirligi. After three successful seasons with the club, he moved to Besiktas, where he was a first team regular, as well as a regular on the team's scoring sheet. He, specifically, impressed Jean Tigana, who was appointed the manager of Besiktas in October 2005, and is known for his tendency to prefer selecting young players for his first team, as he regarded Hassan, even at the age of 30, a key player of the squad. He stated that "Hassan is a hardworking player who is quick and talented. His only problem is not liking the team play. He wants to be free on the pitch. He is my irregular prince as he doesn't play in the team-system."[[3]]After he was named "Best Player of the African Cup of Nations 2006"[[4]], Fulham F.C., Newcastle United F.C., and Espanyol were reportedly interested in signing him. However, he chose to move to R.S.C. Anderlecht, the Belgium league champions, on a free transfer after he chose not to extend his contract with Besiktas, which ended in 2006.Ahmed Hassan has played in six African Cup of Nations tournaments for Egypt, winning the tournament twice, first in 1998 and again in 2006. In the African Cup of Nations 2006, he was chosen as a captain for the Egyptian national team, and helped the team's cause with 4 goals in 6 matches, which placed him as the second top goal scorer of the tournament[[5]]. He was named later "Best Player of the tournament".

Monday, August 28, 2006

Nándor Hidegkuti

Nándor Hidegkuti
He is one the best coaches in the egyptian history.He worked in Ahly football club.He was born in (March 3, 1922 - February 14, 2002) was a Hungarian footballer.
Hidegkuti (born as Kaltenbrunner) played in one of the most revolutionary positions of his time, that of a withdrawn central forward, in the Hungarian national team. Defenders were uncertain whether to follow him as he dropped deep, leaving him to wreak havoc as he popped forward to score goals. He was most famous for scoring a hat-trick against England in Hungary's 6-3 win at Wembley in 1953. Between 1945 and 1958, he won 69 international caps and scored 39 goals. During that time, he helped Hungary to Gold in the Olympic football tournament in 1952 and to the 1954 World Cup Final.

In terms of a club career, he spent 14 years at MTK, helping the club to three championships: in 1951, 1953 and 1958, before going on to lead Fiorentina to the Cup Winners' Cup as coach in 1961. Two years after that, he coached Győr to the Hungarian championship, before enjoying a successful coaching spell in Egypt.

Hidegkuti had been suffering from heart and lung problems for some time before his death. He died in 2002 aged 79

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mohamed Zidan

Mohamed Zidan


Zidan,mido & Emad meteab are the best egyption Strikers nowadays.Zidan is a very good striker he is not very tall but he is a good striker.He is very fast a good dribbler he played for many teams in europe Mainz (DEU) , Werder Bremen (DEU) and Mittland (DEN).He was the top scorer of Mainz and Mittland.He didn't play much Werder Bremen & was loaned to mainz bec.he was he was injuried but when he was cured mainz was last (20th) & leaded them to 9th rank & he was the top scorer.He returned to Bremen & scored in the freindly games & he plays well behind klose.
Clubs played for:
Bremen (DEU), MAINZ (DEU), Mittland (DEN)


Hossam Ghaly

He is a very good player.He plays as a defensive midfielder.His skills are stamina , speed , long passing & crossing.He played since he was young in the ahly football club till he reached the first team played for several years & won the african champions league , the african super cup , the egyption cup & the egyption super cup.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Mohamed Barakat
One of the most talented players in Africa nowaday. He plays for The AFC (Ahly Football Club). He took place in the last African cup ACN. Egypt won this cup and achieved a great victory. He plays as a RW in the ahly first team in the national team.He took place in the World Cup of Clubs 2006.
  • NAME : Mohamed Barakat Ahmed
  • BIRTH DATE : 20/11/1976
  • BIRTH PLACE : Cairo
  • NATIONALLITY : Egyption
  • legnth : 172 cm
  • weight : 69 kg
  • MARITAL STATUS : Married
  • NICKNAME : barakat


  • (3) The egyption league.
  • (1) Egyption cup .
  • (1) Africa champions league.
  • (2) Egyption super cup.
  • (1) Cup Of African Nations (CAN)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

EL Ahly Club...The Lord of the Century

100 Year AHLY
Name : El Ahly club for fitness sports.
Since: 1907
First team couch: Manuel Joseeh.
This year el AHLY club celeberates 100 year victory after being opened in the year 1907.The club have choosed the red color to represent the team after the shirt color was red striiped by white in 1911.The Ahly logo has been designed in 3 november 1917 by Mohamed Sherief beek.
The Club victories:
The Egyption League:
31 times as a champion.
The Egyption Cup:
34 times as a cahmpion 2 of them shared with El Zamalek club.
African victories:
4 times for the african cup of the cahmpion clubs.
4 times for the african cup of the cup cahmpion clubs.
Arabian victories:
1 time for the arabian cup of the league champion clubs.
1 time for the arabian cup of the cup cahmpion clubs.
2 african Super Cups.
1 AfroAsian Cup.
1 AfroEuropean Cup.
3 Egyption Super Cup.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Egyption National Team VS DR Congo (4/1)

This Scene Was Seen Several Time In The CAN

El Hadary (GK) Was The Best Goal In Africa

Emad sccored against Ragga (Mro)

Abo Treika scored & Egypt won The CAN

Abo Treika Scored Twice & Was The Best


Abo Treika


One of the most brilliant players borned in egypt in the last 10 years. He is the from best playmakers in the world now. He plays for AFC (Ahly football club) in egypt. He took place in the last cup of african nations in Egypt (ACN 2006) which egypt won it. He scored 2 goals the 1st was against lybia & the other was against Ivory coast. He is the best player in egypt since 2003. He is the top scorer in the egyption league 2005/2006. He took place in the fifa club world cup 2005/2006. He was invited to play in ronaldo's friends team against zidane's freinds team in 2006 and scored a wonderful goal.


NAME : Mohamed Mohamed Abotreika
BIRTH DATE : 7/11/1978

BIRTH PLACE : Nahya Giza Egypt
LEGNTH : 183 cm
WEIGHT : 79 kg
NICKNAME : Abo treika

  • (2) The egyption league.
  • (1) Egyption cup .
  • (1) Africa champions league.
  • (2) Egyption super cup.
  • (1) Cup Of African Nations (CAN)

Abo Treika As A Player :

  • Best player is egypt since 2004.
  • Top scorer in egyption league in season 2005/2006.
  • Played in ronaldo's freinds team against zidane's freinds.
  • He is a united Nations volunter .

For more info about Abo Treika plz follow that link




Introduction :

The best striker in egypt since 2003. He was the best youth striker in egypt since he played football. he knew how to score goals since he was young. He scored goals in all tournaments he took place in. he is the top scorer of the Egyption league 2004/2005. He was always the best of his teammates ever. He was the best player from Egypt in the youth world cup 2003 and the CAN ( cp of african nations for youth) and was also the top scorer. He took place in FIFA CLUBS WORLD CUP. He is as a headache for all defenders even if he is out of form bec. 1/4 a chance for him equals GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant isn't he?????????


NAME : Emad Mohamed Abd El Naby Ibrahim
BIRTH DATE : 20/2/1983
BIRTH PLACE : Al Sharqya
LEGNTH : 176 cm
WEIGHT : 73 kg
NICKNAME : Emad Meteab
TEAMS PLAYED FOR : Ahly ( EGY ) Since He Started playing football.

  • Scored 3 goals in The ACN 2006 In EGYPT.
  • Scored 1 goal in FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP.
  • Egyption league Top scorer in 2004/2005.
  • 5th striker all over world in 2005.
  • Top scorer of ACN for youth 2003.


  • (2) The egyption league .
  • (1) Egyption cup .
  • (1) Africa champions league.
  • (2) Egyption super cup.